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Curha III is the third Chant Records release from New York-based trombonist, guitarist and composer Curtis Hasselbring (aka Curha). His most ambitious work yet, the album bristles with imaginative pieces that evoke images of places that don’t exist and events that probably didn’t happen. The music is inspired by both the utopian promise of the exotica/space age pop music of the 1950s and 60s and the jagged dystopian musical explorations of the post-punk era (think Mancini meets XTC). Curha’s pastiche of catchy melodies, obscured harmony and primal grooves are funneled through his usual assortment of electronics, multi-instrumentalist skills and keen ear for unusual samples. He’s joined by several guests including Eblis Alvarez (guitar and bee noise) of the Meridian Brothers, Doug Wieselman (saxophonist with the Lounge Lizards, Millennial Territory Orchestra), Jeremy Brown (violinist with Golem) and Peter Hess (clarinetist with Philip Glass, Slavic Soul Party).

A Few Tracks From The Album
Gravity GamesCurha
00:00 / 05:09
01. Seeing-Eye God
00:00 / 04:15
I Rode An Airplane Last NightCurha
00:00 / 04:04

(Curtis’s music) “suggests rough and rocking reflections on film music (Mancini and Hermann), Mothers of Invention and the Art Ensemble of Chicago.”  Ben Ratliff, New York Times

“surreal, entertaining and strangely cinematic” New York Music Daily

“like some space age library music in rainbow hyperdrive, covering the world in decals as it passes through” Cyberinsekt, Doklands Live Journal

Curha Bio

Curha is a nickname/alias for Curtis Hasselbring, a NY-based trombonist/guitarist/composer.  In addition to being a fixture in the NYC jazz/downtown and experimental scenes, Curha has also been making a combination of electronic and acoustic solo recordings since the turn of the millenium.  His music features his multi-instrumentalist skills (including bass, keyboards, voice and drums as well as his main instruments, trombone and guitar) as well as fair amount of sampling and electronics.  He likes to describe what he does as groove music representing various stages of human evolution.  As Curha, he has released several recordings on Chant Records and his own B.L.I.M. label as well as remixes for Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars (on Piranha Records) and Slavic Soul Party (on Barbes Records). Curtis also leads the "Curhachestra", a quartet dedicated to playing his music in a live group setting. 

Curha Discography

Selected C Sides (2012)

Le EP/Critter (2016)

The Logue EP (2017)

Curha I (2018)

Curha II (2020)

Curha 3 (2022)


Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-Stars - A Time Of Desire (2006 Piranha Records)

Slavic Soul Party - Remixed (2008 Barbes Records)

The Four Bags - Waltz (2017)

Zion 80 - Pardes (2021 Chant Records)

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